Choosing the Right Gift for a Newborn Baby

Choosing the Right Gift for a Newborn Baby

Go for a newborn baby gift that is either functional or commemorative of the event. Gifts can range from clothes to cribs, toys and decorations.

What Are the Best Gifts for Newborn Babies?

There is no better way to celebrate the birth of a newborn than with a worthy gift. Unfortunately, there are many likely gifts out there that make the entire process daunting. The ideal gift should either be functional or be to commemorate the birth of the newborn. They can range from newborn baby clothes to toys, beds, bedding and decorations for their rooms.

Here are some of the best gifts for newborn babies.

Super-soft Baby Blankets

Blankets are one of the essentials that each newborn baby should have in their closet. Babies need to be protected from the elements of weather and temperature changes. Given that a child may soil the blanket every now and then, having a few on standby is great.

This makes it an ideal gift as no parent will have enough of it. You can go gender-aligned or neutral colours or pick a blanket with a nice message or print.

An Activity Gym and a Play Mat

Buy a gift to keep the infant busy for the first few months of its life. The gym comes with such accessories as learning cards, a battling ring, a mirror, a teether and hanging balls to give the infant lots of activities to indulge in.

Play gyms enable infants to learn to spend time alone and avoid boredom. There are play gyms for different developmental stages. Check if your choice fits the stage that you would like the new-born to play at the gym.

An Assortment of Newborn Baby Clothes

You can buy an assortment of newborn baby clothes that cover most of the baby’s body. Your assortment could include a baby suit, a pair of woollen socks, a baby hat, gloves, pants, tops and bedding.

There are brands that sell the assortment as a package with a piece or a few pieces of each item. Otherwise, you may select items that meet your colour and material preferences or those of the newborn’s parents.

A Silicone Pacifier and Teethers

A pacifier helps parents calm their babies. It is important that the pacifier is made from a material that may be harmful to the child. A food-grade silicone pacifier is both a durable and safe gift for a newborn. During the teething season, you can also buy teethers as gifts for the baby.

Toddler Beds and Mattresses

A baby crib is a perfect gift for a couple that is expecting a baby. However, if they already have one, you may buy a toddler bed instead to await the time that the child outgrows the crib.

Go for a bed that is stable, secure and large enough for the toddler to sleep for several months. As for the mattress, opt for a material that is breathable to prevent the risk of suffocation. The materials should also be waterproof so that it is easier to clean the soiling and spills.

There are several items you can buy as gifts for the new baby and its parents. Always go for functional gifts or something that will remind them of their younger years. You can choose from a wide variety of clothing, toys, comfort and transport items.